How to install and configure the teamviewer program gsmedge

How to prepare your computer so that we can work remotely

This program is short for remote control of the devices via ID and a password provided by the program provided that you are in touch, and the beautiful in the program that it is free and available to all, used by a large number of users and features it supports the transfer and exchange of files between devices and also supports video conferencing and mass communication And also share the screen.

The program has very great popularity for its simplicity and ease of use. It is mainly used to provide technical support for remote computers.

  • You can download Tim Fior from its official website:



And a lot about Tim Fior's program
There are many ways of customizing the Tim Fior program. Let's see some of them.

1. Use TimFire ​​account for easy access
Tim Fior provides you with serial number (ID) and a password that can be used to control your system. However, signing up with TimFire ​​is a free account that lets you store these credentials and quickly connect to a write-without system at a time.

2. Registration session
You can always record the Tim Fior program session to access records later. Once you have connected to the TeamFire ​​program, go to Extras in the toolbar and you will find the option to start and pause the registration and stop it. Once the registration is complete, you are prompted to save it.

3. Support multiple sessions
Tim Fior supports multiple sessions simultaneously, which means you can control a second system without disconnecting from the first system. Click the + sign in the upper left corner to add another device. This can be very helpful.

4. Easy transfer of files
You can share a file by selecting File Transfer from the TeamForm toolbar. You can either select the file you want to share, or drag and drop a file using the File Box option. This is important where you can push the application to the target device and install it without cable access.

5. Manage visual settings
The visual settings options let you improve your connection to the target device by giving you options for selecting quality, size, and screen resolution. It can be accessed by viewing the (View) option. If there is a delay, you can select Enhanced speed under Quality options, or Disable effects in the GUI.

I hope that I have completed the explanation, if there is anything incomprehensible, please write in the commentary and so to be explained in detail.

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