How To Disable Driver Signature in Windows 10

How to disable Driver Signature Enforcement on Windows

Microsoft has added a feature known as Driver Signature Enforcement on Windows 10 that ensures users run only certain device drivers that are set by Microsoft. To learn how to deactivate this feature and solve the problem of installing some drivers, follow the following explanation of how to disable Driver Signature on Windows 10

  • What is Driver Signature Enforcement?

To further tighten security, Microsoft requires that any driver or driver you install be digitally signed, or so called, certified by WHQL (Windows Hardware Quality Laboratories). Making sure that the device driver you're using is in fact the one the developer wrote, and hasn't been tampered with.

The feature is very useful if you are really concerned about security and threats. While there may be times, when you would like to install drivers that are not digitally signed but seem useful to you to get the devices running. Depending on your current system settings, you will be prevented from doing so. But, we have certain methods that can allow you to disable Windows 10 driver signature application, and install unsigned drivers without any hassle.

Method : Make a specific adjustment with the startup settings


To make a selection on the Startup Settings Window F1 to F9 keys are used. To select Disable driver signature enforcement, press F7.

Your PC will restart with Driver signature enforcement disabled.

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