Download MI FLASH TOOL For Xiaomi Flashing

Download and install Xiaomi Flash Tool to flash Xiaomi phones

Download and install the Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool, the latest version, to flash and install official flash and ROMs for Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO Android phones and devices.

This article will explain to you how to download and install Mi Flash Tool on your computer and then flash via Fastboot ROM for Xiaomi phones to be flashed.

Since the company's inception, Xiaomi has always stood with its customers in providing feature-rich, competitively priced and affordable Android phones for users. Its offerings range from low-priced and high-end phones like the Redmi series to the most powerful and powerful flagships like the Mi 11.

Moreover, most of its devices and phones come with an original OEM-designated Android-based interface called MIUI. It is among the best built-in skins on the best Android operating system, but not because it is among the most customizable skins one can have. Users who love a fresh, clean and stock Android experience can head over to the Mi A series of devices. Moreover, due to its huge appeal among the users, custom development is also among the most active activities of these groups of devices.

Starting from unlocking the bootloader to rooting or flashing the stock firmware using TWRP recovery, the original equipment manufacturer also offers its own program to do the flashing, install the official ROMs and remove the Google FRP protection. In this article, our discussion and explanation will focus on the tool. You will find everything you need to know regarding the Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool, its features list, and its download and installation steps.
  • What is Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool:
Every Android phone comes with two types of stock firmware, Fastboot ROM and Recovery ROM. The main difference between them is the flashing method. You can flash and install ROM directly from your device itself via recovery, as for flashing via Fastboot ROM. The latter needs to be flashed to your phone by entering Fastboot Mode, in addition to the fact that there are fastboot files that you need to install on your computer before you can follow the steps of the phone to be flashed.

The question on your mind is why should you choose to flash via Fastboot ROM, which requires a lot of stages and steps required to flash the Redmi phone? While we find flashing through Recovery ROM is easier than the previous one, things do not bode well in the event that you choose to flash with Recovery ROM, you must take extreme precautions and be careful, you may lose your Xiaomi device due to any phone malfunction during flashing.

Although these custom ROMs and flash recovery may give you a lot of advantages for your phone, they may be an imminent danger and may spoil your device due to the incompatibility of one of the modified ROM files and your phone may become damaged in the boot area or turn off completely and therefore you will not be able to Access your phone normally, from which countries will not be able to fastboot mode to repair your Xiaomi phone.

But you can access the Fastboot mode on your phone and simply update and flash the phone through the Fastboot ROM and the phone will work again, through this aforementioned feature we will use the Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool program with ease and the tool gives you the flash and ROM Fastboot ROM On the Xiaomi phone, without danger or malfunction, and this feature is one of the advantages offered by this wonderful tool, and we will learn about it in detail in this article.

  • Features and features of the program to flash Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool

Here are some of the features and characteristics of the tool that deserve your attention:

The program does not need to be installed after downloading:

You no longer need to install the software and do the setup process after installation. All you have to do is run the EXE file and immediately start using the tool.

USB drivers for Xiaomi phones are included with the program file:

One of the most important features of this tool. You can install Xiaomi USB driver drivers, ADB driver file, Qualcomm USB Serial driver, Microsoft MTP, RNDIS Driver and find their installation files directly from within the tool itself. This program saves you the trouble of downloading and installing each of them separately.

It has many flashing options:

The flashing program has three different types of options for flashing and installing the ROM:

Clean All Flash: The program erases all data from your phone, and the bootloader remains unlocked.

Passing the flash with saving user data: In this case, you can save your data and you will not lose it after flashing the phone, but the bootloader remains the same, that is, unlocked

Erase all files with lock Clean All and Lock This option will erase all data and will also restore the bootloader to lock the device.

This software supports almost all Xiaomi phones starting with its own MI as well as the latest devices such as Redmi phones and POCO phones.

Newer versions of Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool come pre-installed i.e. you do not need to install after downloading the program to decompress the file, just double click on XiaomiFlash.exe, located in the file and the tool will be launched in no time. However, older versions still require you to install via setup file. If for some reason you want to use the older version of the flash tool.

Download Mi Flash Tool


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